Steps to Accreditation

STEP 1: Online questionnaire

To start you should familiarise yourself with the assessment criteria for the National GREEN STANDARD Award. If you can answer yes to these seven questions then you are ready take the online questionnaire.  This process will encourage you to look at your socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally friendly working practices.

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STEP 2: Facilitated assessment

Once you have completed the online questionnaire your personal assessor will be in contact with you to discuss the NGSA process in further with an explanation of the fee structure and application guidelines. If you decide to continue on your journey towards the NGSA you will continue to work with your personal assessor who will bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and networks to ensure that your assessment is a beneficial journey towards achieving recognition for socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally friendly working practices.

STEP 3: Onsite meeting

The assessor will use visitation, interviews and observation to combine hard assessment metrics with “softer” interview based data collection to gather the information needed to verify that your organisation meets the award criteria. We believe it is the best way to build a picture of performance.

STEP 4: Interviews

We identify key themes emerging from the assessment data collected and explore these through face to face employee meetings, observations and the analysis of further desk research. We gather the evidence required to recognise strengths and opportunities for improvement. The number of interviews will depend on the size of your organisation and the response rate. The insights are guaranteed to shape your continuous improvement journey.

STEP 5. Accreditation report & feedback

Your assessor will determine your accreditation level, benchmark performance, and provide recommendations for continuous improvement and higher accreditation. The practitioner’s professional analysis integrates data sources to give a rounded view of your organisation.

National GREEN STANDARD Award accreditation is valid for two years, and you’ll revisit your performance against the Standard with an annual touch point, designed to work around you.

The final report will analyse all the evidence collected and detail the final accreditation outcome. The report will offer you practical recommendations. This brings the results of the assessment process to life, illustrating the findings and supporting the final accreditation result with robust evidence and rationale.

STEP 6: Celebration

If your organisation has achieved National GREEN STANDARD Award accreditation, it’s time to celebrate.  You will be provided with a badge, an Award Accreditation Certificate and proposed press release to share the result and celebrate success with the recognition your organisation deserves.

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