Quality Scotland achieve Gold Level National Green Standard Award

Quality Scotland, an organisation that strives to make excellence a national characteristic of Scotland, is celebrating its own quality achievement as the proud recipient of the National Green Standard Award (NGSA) – Gold Level accreditation.  The award reinforces Quality Scotland’s commitment to its employees, the environment and the company’s long-term strategic vision of embedding excellence in everything that they do.

certificate.fwCommenting on the award, Steve Homer, Head of Business Development, NGSA said: “We are delighted that Quality Scotland has achieved Gold level accreditation.  The award is independent, robust, and underpinned by the United Nations Global Goals meaning it is a unique standard driving forward the Circular Economy.

“In putting environmental considerations linked to business benefits at the heart of planning implementation and new developments, the NGSA can help organisations achieve an ethical, environmental and economically sound return on investment.  Through the Assessment Process it is evident that Quality Scotland is a worthy recipient of a Gold award.”

The National Green Standard Award is a unique quality standard that is driving forward the Circular Economy in Scotland. It is an independently assessed award, marketed by PRISM Alba in Scotland, for organisations that wish to demonstrate that they are socially aware, economically viable and that they achieve their goals through environmentally sustainable business practices.

Claire Ford, CEO of Quality Scotland said: “We are delighted to have achieved this award, which is a true endorsement of our commitment to quality and the Circular Economy.

“We recognise that within organisations there is a danger of becoming complacent with how things are going now and not raising our heads to look up at what is going on around us. We are too concerned with the present to think about how the future will unfold and what impact that will have on our own organisation.

“Taking part in the National Green Standard Award has helped us to focus on what we are doing right now in relation to our work and the Circular Economy and what we can possibly do in the future.  I believe it will be of great benefit to everyone at Quality Scotland and lead the way for our membership and others to follow”.

Claire added, “The contribution from PRISM Alba Ltd has been exceptional and I would like to thank them for their support. As the Circular Economy moves more and more to the fore we look forward to developing our relationship with PRISM Alba Ltd and the NGSA over the coming months.

“I would encourage companies from all sectors to look at the NGSA and start their journey today. For us, the NGSA represents the type of excellence in Scotland that we want to encourage.”

The circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose) in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life.

To find out more about the National Green Standard Award please contact Mary McLuskey, mary@ngsa.co.uk 07484 868 606.



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