The future is green

Let me put something to you…being green is for tree huggers isn’t it?

Now, I don’t have anything against tree huggers, but it all seems a bit goody two shoes – take the empty bottle of Rioja (other drinks are available) to the recycling centre and help to save the world and… well that’s that isn’t it – until the next bottle at any rate! Well no its not, but it all seems a little abstract doesn’t it.

Oh I very much agree that we could all do an awful lot more for the environment and we should otherwise we will lose a lot of what we take for granted. But what if by doing your bit for the world you could also help yourself and what if you could do it with others and help yourself even more and at the same time help them – which in turn helps you. The best possible virtuous circle!

And how about getting the place where you work to do it so that the benefits are even greater for you, the planet, your business and your community? Well you and your organisation can. The National Green Standard Award provides a potent framework to help your organisation make the best use of all available resource and reduce harmful impact on the environment. And assessment against the NGSA can help you to do it even better! And by achieving an award you are able to celebrate your achievements, you encourage others to do likewise and you encourage them to place their trust in you. That’s got to be good for you and for business hasn’t it, and yes okay, for the world as well (alright, so I am a closet tree hugger – it’s a big closet!)!

It’s a win-win scenario. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the NGSA and do your bit for your world.

Steve Homer
Head of Business Development, NGSA


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