Repeat Roses activate a triple bottom line approach to success

Repeat Roses is an eco-friendly company that collects and repurposes florals from events and delivers them to nursing homes, hospitals, hospice care and paediatric cancer treatment facilities.

By collecting the flowers from various types of events that would otherwise end up in the trash, Repeat Roses rearranges the flowers into multiple, smaller arrangements and delivers the refreshed flowers to local organizations. Anything that cannot be repurposed is composted.

The organisation is featured in in an article written by Kathryn Minckler. Kathryn highlights that once the flowers are enjoyed the second time around, they are reclaimed for composting and the vases are recycled to ensure a zero-waste, sustainable service experience. By reclaiming the organic matter, Repeat Roses is helping divert significant waste from landfill and helping to create supercharged soil amendments for flower growers, farmers, gardeners and landscapers. This extra step ensures a zero-waste service and better serves the environment.

In the feature Kathryn interviews Jennifer Grove, founder of Repeat Roses on her organisation’s philosophy, purpose and sustainability issues. Here is a snippet of the interview.

What does “luxury” mean to you?
Luxury to me is a state of mind. It’s the authentic, soul-stirring pleasure you sense when you feel the labor of love that went into crafting a quality experience, product or service.

What was the inspiration for Repeat Roses?
After almost two decades of behind-the-scenes runway shows, product launches, hotel openings and weddings, I had seen my fair share of glamorous events and the waste each one produced. It takes an enormous amount of creative talent and material resources to produce special events – and the garbage left behind is often staggering.

I reached a pain point when I looked at the role flowers played in creating a major decor element – only to see them enjoyed for a few short hours at a cocktail reception before getting tossed – and was compelled to do change the single-use pipeline in a meaningful, purpose-driven way.

What does Repeat Roses do? Is it a charity or is it a business?
Repeat Roses is in the business of making money by providing services that are good for people and our planet. Today, we combine social impact with sustainability and corporate responsibility in a unique luxury service. Our clients pay a service fee for us to collect florals from any type of event and repurpose them for the benefit of the social good.

Florals are restyled into petite arrangements appropriate for bedside tables in cancer treatment, hospital, nursing home, women’s shelter facilities and other venues where they are enjoyed for a few more days and create an emotional health boost for those who need it most.

Once the flowers are twice loved, we recover the organics for composting and the containers for recycling. The zero-waste service means we’re able to reduce our client’s carbon footprint and minimize their impact on the environment, while simultaneously spreading a major spot of joy throughout local communities.

In most cases, our clients also receive a meaningful financial return on their floral investment in the form of a tax deduction. Ours is business with a purpose, one that our partners and clients can support knowing the mission we are on and the immediate results we produce to benefit everyone in the value chain.

Do you see Repeat Roses as an activator in the green luxury movement?
If we continue to deplete and damage our natural resources, there will ultimately be nothing left from which to profit. Leaders in the luxury market increasingly recognize that their brands need to communicate their values about the environment to their clients in order to provide both existing and prospective new clients a reason to engage beyond just the transaction.

Corporate social responsibility and protecting the planet are two very top-of-mind conversations, especially for millennials who seek employment and shop with a brand’s social values and eco-responsibility in mind. Taking action to reduce water, energy, waste and carbon output to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change should be an integral part of any company’s strategy to court consumers and retain employees.

Repeat Roses can be part of that strategy since we activate a triple bottom line approach. By integrating the three Ps – people, planet, profit – into innovative valuable and impactful services, we’re helping to open new markets, create new jobs and value, enhance corporate culture and communicate important values.

To read the full feature CLICK HERE.


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