What’s Next for Business? Sustainability Trends for 2017

The Think Tank and advisory firm SustainAbility has produced a 2017 Annual Trends Report identifying 10 issues that they believe have the greatest sustainability influence right now, calling out implications for the private sector in particular.

Last year brought profound global shifts including rising support for protectionism and populism, growing cybercrime and shifting global climate leadership, all amid growing political and economic instability.

At the same time, opportunities for companies to help solve global challenges have never been so varied – and perhaps never so compelling. A growing number of companies are already taking action, testing corporate strategic alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, setting and pursuing ever more ambitious climate targets, and adapting plans to address various food and health challenges.

We hope that this report will inspire discussion and ideas for further action in pursuit of a sustainable future, and we invite your feedback.

If you would like to take action right now and develop plans to align your corporate strategies with Sustainable Development Goals then REGISTER TODAY for the National Green Standard Award. We can help you on this journey.


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