Like Kermit the frog says: “It’s not easy being green”

Welcome to the very first guest blogging entry for the National Green Standard Award. This blog has been submitted by Caitlin, the creator of REALatable blog, an Administrator at TIGERS Ltd and who is currently studying for a Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing.

My name is Caitlin and I am the creator of REALatable blog and I am honoured to be the very first EVER guest blogger for the National Green Standard Award.

I currently work for TIGERS Ltd as an Administrator, with the aim to transform the lives of young people by offering training and work experience. I am also currently doing a Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing supported by TIGERS Ltd. If you are a blogger and fancy doing some heroic ethical blogging then email the National Green Standard Award and raise awareness of being social, environmental as well as economic.  If you like my writing style or wish to know more about my ethical blogging, my handles and link to my blog are at the bottom of this blog entry.

Why am I honoured to be writing for the National Green Standard Award?

The purpose of the National Green Standard Award is: “Recognising socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally sound work practices”.

It is like Kermit the frog says: “It’s not easy being green”

Kermit the frog was right. It definitely is not easy being green. In a world filled with toxic fumes getting pumped into the air poisoning the world, the National Green Standard Award recognises we need to start caring and give an organisation the recognition it deserves for focusing on being green.


Although green is in the title of this organisation, the National Green Standard Award takes it further and awards organisations that focus on a social and economic purpose as well as the triple bottom line. Business may be “just business” and the phrase “don’t take it personally” gets passed around a lot. However, I feel some organisations forget what makes up their business which is the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit), profit is of course one portion that makes up the bottom line but there are another two. Therefore, maybe cut throat decisions and ignorance is not the best approach. What about… compassion, kindness and humanity… connecting us together by sharing ourselves and caring for those around us is a better approach. The better approach being the recognition that building relationships, feelings, the environment, diversity, human rights, opportunity, sustainability are all extremely important and extremely complicated. Therefore, choosing compassion deserves recognition and the National Green Standard Award would like to give organisations that encompass compassion the award they deserve.  My opinion is, if an organisation chooses compassion I think they are some sort of business superhero with the power of helping the world one step at a time.

If understanding more about being environmentally friendly and socially responsible whilst continuing to make profit is something your organisation is considering, with the Nation Green Standard Award it can be achieved within six easy steps which are explained on their website at an affordable price – www.ngsa.co.uk. It’s at an affordable price with the belief that even the smallest organisations can be a business superhero and change the mind-set of the business world. Being ethical is important for both the short term and the long term.

Recently, I have tried to choose compassion and focus on being an ethical blogger thinking about topics within the triple bottom line such as checking labels.  I was more than happy to blog for a company focused on rewarding organisations that are truly ethical, although perfection does not exist in my opinion. I recommend if any organisation that tries to focus on at least one of the aspects (economic, social or environmental) then check out the accreditation steps.

However, the argument is that some organisations are only ethical for their ego, are only ethical because they have to and are only ethical because they have been caught being unethical.  I believe, and the National Green Standard Award champions, organisations born with the passion to change, organisations that try to redeem their actions. It’s not a lecture or preaching it’s the intention to promote, be the change and raising awareness.

So…Yes, to the tree huggers. Yes, to being charitable.  Yes, to forward-thinking.  Yes, to thinking about the bunnies. Yes, to thinking about employees. Yes, to sustainability. Yes, to being a triple bottom line hero.

My blog entry is an introduction of why I think it is important to be ethical. Being ethical is such a broad topic. If an organisation or blogger would like to educate readers, then email or get in contact the National Green Standard Award – marketing@ngsa.co.uk.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog entry. If you liked this please check out my blog https://realatablesite.wordpress.com/

My social media handles are…

Twitter – @REALatableblog
Facebook – @REALatableblog
Instagram – @realatable_blog


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