Harnessing shared learning and knowledge

Benchmarking and solution based assessment are two of the best methods to improve any organisation and gain insights that can gain benefits more quickly than many other approaches.

The National Green Standard Award (NGSA) offers an organisation-wide assessment that will provide key insights into the improvements you can make to your business practices while offering a score against the three elements of People, Planet, Profit.

Scores for the NGSA are given out of 1,000 points across a range of in depth criteria that reflect your practices and provide you with trackable data so you can see the trend over time and ensure it is moving in the direction you wish. A score based approach also helps to benchmark so if one part of you organisation or a competitor is doing better you can benchmark practices and learn how to improve your existing approach.

The NGSA assessment will provide a report that includes a number of key items: your score with a statement to show if you have achieved Green or Gold level, an executive summary of good practices and an action plan to show where there are still things that your organisation could enhance or adopt to improve your overall score. The action plan is designed to help your journey of continuous improvement across the three elements of People, Planet, Profit and draws on the extensive knowledge that the team at NSGA can bring.

The NGSA captures data by sector and uses this to help individual organisations improve the way they work to reach out through their workforce to ensure the impact they have on the local and global environment is as positive as it can be. Join us in supporting each other in making even the smallest of actions make a positive impact on those around us and champion the concept of mutual benefit from harnessing shared learning and knowledge.


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