Rotting fish heads? Whatever next!

Actually fish and people have something in common and it does in a way relate to rot. There is an old saying that fish rot from the head and all too often it is the senior management team of a business where rot apparently starts to set in.  

We share a planet and while fish live in harmony with their surrounds we, people, seem to have managed to find a myriad of ways to rot our surroundings. We need to think and behave differently. We need to stop making the assumption that someone else will take the lead, that senior people somewhere will find a solution and save us from ourselves.

I’ve written before about being my own Alchemical Magician and what I mean by that is every now and then I must rethink what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and find better things to do. That concept applies to us all not just leaders.

The National Green Standard Award (NGSA) is a brilliant and innovative tool that can help to stop the rot.

This Standard leads the way in showing how organisations of any size can maximise the potential of every employee to become champions of the environment: organisations as teachers and facilitators! The NGSA enables organisation to reinvent the way they work and engage with staff and the communities in which they operate and it rewards them for doing so.

Behaviours will only change if there is an incentive to do so and rewarding good behaviour is a great way to incentivise long term change. Adopting new ways of working is not only difficult to start it is difficult to sustain so we at the NGSA have created for you a series of workshops to help you get started and keep going.

The NGSA starts with an online questionnaire and organisations can score up to 1,000 points across the key elements of People, Planet, Profit.  This questionnaire is then evaluated by an Assessor who will look deeper into the business as we know that money management in any organisation is critical to sustainability and people are your organisation, not just the bricks and mortar. So what if you could save millions over the next ten years by just adopting a few changes – the Kaizen approach to continuous improvement. What if you went one step further and informed your employees about changes they could make at home to save a little money each year. Indeed now we are on a roll what about the community that surrounds you? Is there something you can do to help them look after their environment?

An article Going Green=More Green (Josh Weiss and Susie Poppick, CNBC) highlights that if you run a business, reducing your carbon footprint might not be your top priority.  But going green can save money for you and your business – and improve your workplace culture in the meantime.  The article sites a 2012 report which found that hospitals that reduce energy consumption and waste could save $15 billion over a decade. Another study by UCLA and the University of Paris-Dauphine, found that employees at eco-friendly companies are 16% more productive than average.  The authors wrote that these workers were more motivated, better trained and formed more interpersonal relationships, which in turn increased efficiency.

We need to be bold and take giant steps.  Join a growing revolution by registering now to take the first step towards long term sustainable business and help stop the rot.


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