‘Game-changing’ coffee cup project to provide retailers with cost-effective recycling service

The UK could be set for a coffee cup recycling revolution as British paper cup recycler Simply Cups has thrown its weight behind a project that provides businesses and consumers with a cup that can be recycled at traditional paper mills. ()

Working in collaboration with materials engineering company Smart Planet Technologies (SPT), Simply Cups will recover and recycle a paper coffee cup, called the reCup, which contains up to 50% less plastic content thanks to an inside coating blended with materials. This means the cup is engineered to be compatible with the existing recycling equipment used at UK paper mills.

Commenting on the initiative, Simply Cups co-founder Peter Goodwin said: “SPT has rightly recognised that, for its products to be recycled, they first need to be collected separately at source and then forwarded to a paper reprocessing plant. As the only organisation in the UK operating this service, Simply Cups was the obvious choice.”

The reCup is expected to be sold in the UK at a cost comparable with traditional paper cups, through packaging solutions provider Four Aces, a founding member of the Simply Cups scheme.

For more on this news CLICK HERE.


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