Green Charge: The Energy Storage Startup Transforming A $100 Billion Market

Forbes is featuring Green Charge Networks who are in the process of transforming the energy storage market in America.

Founded in 2009 by Vic Shao, Green Charge Networks designs and installs commercial energy storage systems. Their mission is to empower businesses, municipalities, and schools of all scales to use energy more efficiently, by limiting carbon emissions and minimizing costs through servicing energy storage.

Energy storage is designed to help avoid drawing energy from the grid during peak hours, instead charging itself during regular hours when energy is cheaper. By using energy storage as a method to balance peak power demands, power efficiency increases. This subsequently reduces demand charges, reduces capital expenditures for service upgrades, and improves the planet by decreasing the usage of power plants.

Green Charge was the first to market with an ROI-driven energy storage product. Now, the company stands as the largest provider of commercial energy storage in the country, boasting a growing portfolio of 48 MWh of battery storage projects deployed or under construction across more than 150 sites. In addition to expanding their reach, the startup has successfully helped customers across the United States cut the cost of their electric bills by up to 30%.

Read the full story HERE.


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