Big brands call on UK Government to ‘stop the solar tax hike’

More than 160 leading green businesses including Sainsbury’s, Ikea and Kingfisher have today (5 December) called upon Chancellor Philip Hammond to scrap scheduled tax increases on solar PV.

A letter penned by the Solar Trade Association (STA) and signed by a diverse group of businesses, NGOs, politicians and academics expresses concern for the changes to business rates paid on ‘self-consumed’ solar, due to be enforced in April 2017.

The letter, addressed to Hammond, calls for the reconsideration of these “uneconomic” penalties that the signatories claim could potentially hinder other small business contributions to renewable energy and climate targets.

STA chief executive Paul Barwell said: “The sheer diversity of groups willing to sign this letter demonstrates the breadth of feeling on this issue. Now that the UK has signed the Paris Agreement, it goes without saying that the Government should support organisations seeking to reduce their carbon footprints, not penalise them. It is essential that solar energy is treated sensibly within the tax system.”

For more on this story CLICK HERE.


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