Furniture manufacturers urged to solve circular economy conundrum

Britain’s mattress manufacturers must become advocates of the circular economy by taking the lead on producer responsibility schemes which could significantly reduce the sector’s vast waste-to-landfill rates (

That’s the view of Nick Oettinger, managing director of The Furniture Recycling Group (TFR), a company that partners with businesses to provide a recycling service for used mattresses. An estimated 167,000 tonnes of mattresses are sent to landfill each year in the UK, and Oettinger believes a streamlined mattress production process would improve the situation.

Speaking exclusively to edie newsroom, Oettinger said: “I think it’s got to be done in a way that is led from the manufacturers of the products, initially under some sort of producer responsibility scheme. That can either be done with them putting their hand in their pocket and paying for every mattress made, or it can be done more sensibly in the design of mattresses that are currently being manufactured.”

Recycling barrier

In an attempt to alleviate the current situation, TFR Group recently designed and developed the world’s first automated pocket-spring recycling machine. The machine separates 14 different materials from used mattresses into steel and polypropylene waste streams, leaving recyclable components that have a value and can be sold on, re-used as scrap or recycled.

Through this recycling method, the Group has recycled more than 700,000 mattresses and achieved an average recycling rate of 96% with 100% landfill diversion.

To read more on the story CLICK HERE.


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