Here’s proof that sustainability is good for business

For many businesses, sustainability is a nice idea that looks better on paper than in practice. Yet, research shows that sustainability doesn’t just sound good — it’s smart, and it works. Sustainable Brands has compiled a list of 22 research studies that show sustainable practices lead to long-term benefits.

The research highlights

  • How leading researchers are analyzing the ROI of sustainability on multiple levels, including company revenue, stock performance, product-level profitability, valuation of employee and consumer engagement, and more
  • Why investing in companies with strong sustainability credentials is proving to be a consistently good bet, and why Modern Portfolio Theory may be significantly outdated
  • How measurable and manageable brand reputations are related to factors such as sustainability initiatives, quality of management, employee engagement, use of corporate assets, innovation, quality of products and global competitiveness
  • What advantages climate leaders among S&P 500 companies create for themselves, and how they outperform their peers
  • How the world’s largest 500 companies are decoupling revenue growth from GHG emissions, and what that means for the future of climate and business leadership.

To find out more about the research and download your free copy CLICK HERE.



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